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Laundry & Ironing. We collect, check in and update your order for you.

Item Price
Quick Order Laundry We weigh, sort, wash in Ozonated water, tumble on low heat and fold or iron as appropriate. £8.45 Add
Quick Order Iron Only We weigh, iron and fold or hang as appropriate. £6.70 Add
Quick Order Dry Clean ~ Special Care ~ Hand Wash We sort, clean, finish & return. Prices listed down page. £TBA Add
Wash and Fold per kg. We wash in Ozone saturated water, tumble dry on low and fold - no ironing. £3.45 Add
Wash and Iron per kg. We wash in Ozone saturated water, tumble dry on low, iron and hang or fold as appropriate £8.45 Add
Iron Only per kg. We weigh, Ozonate (during Covid-19), iron and fold or hang as appropriate. £6.70 Add

Shirts / Blouses and Lightweight Dresses

These require more attention so are priced separately. Missing buttons replaced by default at £3 each.

Item Price
Spotless Shirts - wash and iron 6 or more, each £2.80 Add
Spotless Shirts - wash and iron 5 or less, each £2.95 Add
Shirts - iron only 6 or more, each £1.95 Add
Shirts - iron only 5 or less, each £2.10 Add
Lightweight dress / lined summer skirts - wash and iron £4.45 Add
Lightweight dress / lined summer skirts - iron only £3.95 Add

Duvets, Pillows & Blankets.

Item Price
Bedspreads, Blankets & Slankets - Dry Clean (per kg.) £11.00 Add
Bedspreads, Blankets & Slankets - Laundry (per kg.) £5.50 Add
Bed toppers priced at duvets + 50% £TBA Add
Single Duvet £19.00 Add
Double Duvet £21.95 Add
Kingsize Duvet £24.95 Add
Superking Duvet £28.35 Add
Emperor Duvet £32.25 Add
Pillow £6.95 Add
Sleeping bag - adult 3 season £21.95 Add
Sleeping bag - adult 2 season £18.95 Add

Equestrian, Dogs & Cats

We use professional antibacterial detergents which kills 99% of microbes & most parasites but to guarantee elimination of a problematic infestation including eggs requires hot washing which MIGHT lead to shrinkage. We suggest only choosing this option if essential.

Item Price
Quick Order Animal Items. We weigh, sort, wash in the most appropriate manner for the item and contact you with any queries. Approx ave. per kg. £5.50 Add
Numnah £3.95 Add
Wool girth strap padding £2.80 Add
Dog & cat beds, From £6.00 Add

Bags for Life Deposit

Be Fantastic - Use Less Plastic! To avoid plastics and support environmental issues we provide fantastic re-usable laundry and garment bags for which we take a refundable deposit. We keep your bags clean and replace them if they wear out. If you move away simply book a collection and we will refund your deposit. Estimate your needs and we can alter if necessary.

Item Price
Refundable deposit. Dirty Laundry Bag. Ave 1 per household. £5.50 Add
Refundable deposit. Gargantote Clean Folded Clothes Return Bag - for laundry and ironing. Ave 1 per household. £8.00 Add
Refundable deposit. Green Garmento Garment Cover. Ave one per adult. Holds approx. 5-8 hanging items e.g. 5 men's shirts or 8 ladies dresses, tops etc. £9.00 Add

Dry Clean, Hand Wash & Special Care

We consider each item and decide which process will give the best results and fabric care. Some items may be traditionally dry cleaned whilst others may be cleaned with the latest none solvent technology. Any water repellent fabric is re-proofed.

Item Price
Quick Order Dry Cleaning & Special Care Garments We sort, clean and return. £TBA Add
Coat - down filled gillet £22.00 Add
Coat - down filled stnd £29.90 Add
Coat - down filled long £32.90 Add
Coat - faux fur gillet £20.95 Add
Coat - faux fur up to 75cm £22.95 Add
Coat - faux fur 76cm - 85cm £27.50 Add
Coat - faux fur longer than 85cm £29.99 Add
Coat - lightweight anorak incl. re-proof £11.95 Add
Coat - padded (incl. re-proof if appropriate) £17.50 Add
Coat - rain coat include re-proofing £17.50 Add
Coat - stnd gillet £12.00 Add
Coat - stnd half £14.20 Add
Coat - stnd 3/4 £15.30 Add
Coat - stnd long £16.40 Add
Coat - wax coat sponge clean, refresh and re-wax. Priced from £35.00 Add
Curtains - Take down for cleaning and re-hang upon return. Per pair. £19.95 Add
Curtains, standard lined - clean and finish, per sq.m. £12.95 Add
Curtains, silk lined - clean and finish per sq.m. £14.90 Add
Dress - cocktail / party, knee length £25.20 Add
Dress - cocktail / party, knee length, elaborate or silk £28.50 Add
Dress - evening / ballgown £32.30 Add
Dress - saree 2pc £29.60 Add
Dress - stnd £14.40 Add
Dress - long £19.20 Add
Gloves - leather £12.95 Add
Gloves - sheepskin £18.95 Add
Hats from £12.95 Add
Hat - fur trimmed or lined £18.95 Add
Hat - headband £7.95 Add
Jacket - stnd / blazer £10.90 Add
Jacket - long / tux £12.00 Add
Misc - cushion cover £8.65 Add
Misc - scarf / shawl from £9.80 Add
Misc. - slippers £9.80 Add
Rugs and mats per kg £9.50 Add
Sheepskin rug - single £24.99 Add
Sheepskin rug - double £46.99 Add
Silk underwear e.g. Vest, long John's £6.95 Add
Silky body handwash £5.95 Add
Ski suit incl. re-proofing £29.95 Add
Skirt - mini / stnd £8.70 Add
Skirt - long £9.80 Add
Skirt pleated £11.50 Add
Suit - 2 piece trousers £16.40 Add
Suit - 3 piece stnd £23.00 Add
Suit - 3 piece morning £24.10 Add
Suit - dinner £19.80 Add
Suit - dress & jkt £23.00 Add
Suit - skirt & jckt £16.40 Add
Suit - skirt (pleated) & jkt £19.60 Add
Suit - waistcoat only £8.70 Add
Swimwear £4.95 Add
Tie £5.95 Add
Tie, Bow Tie £2.65 Add
Top - knitwear, light & Polo shirts £8.80 Add
Top - knitwear, medium £9.80 Add
Top - knitwear, heavy £10.90 Add
Top - shirt / blouse stnd £7.60 Add
Top - shirt / blouse - silk / sequins / beaded £9.80 Add
Trousers - shorts £7.60 Add
Trousers - stnd / jeans / culottes £8.70 Add
Wedding dress clean, finish, pack in acid free tissue and box. From £180.00 Add


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