We do all we can to be Eco-friendly as a business and avoid plastic use where possible.

We have won multiple awards and been made a showcase study to help other businesses with regards to our green credentials and low carbon practices. We are constantly researching and keeping up to date with green technologies, incorporating relevant new initiatives into our business. Here are some highlights of our current sustainability practices:

  • No single use plastics – we operate a deposit scheme for our unique recycled, re-cyclable and most importantly re-usable Green Garmento garment covers and bags. Be fantastic – use less plastic!

  • Ozone injection plant. Ozone has multiple benefits for both you our customers and the environment including:

       • Low temperature washing – no heat required for 90%+ of our laundry loads which means longer fabric life alongside tonnes of carbon & energy saved

       • Cuts detergent use by more than 60% whilst removing more marks and stains

       • Full disinfection of every load, every time

       • Odour elimination

       • Eliminates need for chlorine bleaches – good for fabrics, good for the environment

  • Low dose bio-degradable detergents. With ozone we now use 30-40% detergent doses and all detergents we use are bio-degradable and phosphate free.

  • Spot treatment of stains if necessary to avoid generalised stain removal chemicals

  • Modern high efficiency machines to keep our resource use to a minimum

  • Solvent free non toxic cleaning of dry clean only items. With leading edge technology & chemistry we can clean 99% of dry clean only items without solvents whilst obtaining better than ever results – win win win for you, us and the environment

  • Full electric van for collections & deliveries keeping our carbon footprint more like a tip-toe

  • On-site Bee Keeping! We have 2 beehives on site and plan to introduce 1 or 2 Warre natural bee keeping hives in the coming season. These give lower honey crops but are more in keeping with the natural environment and supporting honey bees none-invasively.

Read more about ozone by clicking here.