Ironing & Laundry

Ironing pile or washing out of hand? Never got what you want to wear? We can fix that!



Relax after a heavy week without the ironing basket glaring at you…go on…enjoy doing what you'd rather whilst we take care of the boring stuff. Our ironing is top notch, even better than when you do it yourself with attention to details and common sense as to what to fold and what to hang.

Choose delivery and collection times and receive a text when we're approx. 20 mins away. You can even track as we approach.

Actively eco-friendly we avoid plastics, providing reusable bags and garment covers made of recycled material. Please look after them. Our bags have large pockets to return hangers for re-use time and time and time again. Add specific or special requests when ordering.



Very, very cost effective laundry service. Top notch care means your clothes look better for longer and with a fast turn around you always have what you want to wear and need less storage at home. With our eco-friendly focus you’re doing the environment a favour too. Combine these benefits with saving your time and you have a winning combination.

All laundry benefits from our Ozone Injection plant which provide full disinfection and odour elimination whilst removing more stains and caring better for fabrics at lower temperatures and with less chemicals resulting in longer fabric life. A winning combination for both our customers and the environment.