Our Team

Meet the team. We are the Benson Family, here to look after your ironing & laundry.

We are all happy to multi task across our services and of a long evening you may find us discussing the latest ironing techniques or even competing for the best looking shirt sleeves (we really need to get out more) but we each have our favourite little niches...

I (Anne) look after the admin side of everything and my love is customer service. I always try to see things from your point of view and do my best to ensure that your experience with us is not just OK but simply brilliant and absolutely hassle free. Just what I always wanted from this type of service myself.

Martin (aka hubby) is the original Iron Man. To crease or not to crease (shirt sleeves), that is his obsession. And yes, we do enjoy a little Shakespeare in the summertime.

Yannek (aka Batman) is our resident Stain Master. Not only is he an expert in stain identification but he also harbours within his armoury a collection of both modern fantastical treatments alongside a range of mysterious potions and mixtures of old Great Grandma’s traditional stain removers. Test him out.

Yannek also looks after our logistics although any one of us might show up to collect or deliver your precious bundles. We all appreciate any helpful little notes you leave us for locating your house!

Gwydion (aka Robin) and his lovely wife Kirsty are part of the team. They are looking to undertake an SVQ in Laundry & Dry Cleaning together and are often to be found researching new ideas and technologies to improve how we do things and to minimise our environmental impact.

We are very fortunate to have Leza on the team for all your mending and alterations work. Semi-early-retired Leza is with us part time and we are keenly waiting for her husband Kevin to retire from driving Waitrose HGVs to squeeze himself into our little electric van and share the driving with us!

Sharon is our ever smiling ironing pioneer! Always seeking new and better ways to get a great finish on her all singing and dancing finishing station. Multi-talented and a great organiser Sharon also looks after things if we're away, turning her capable hands to all tasks.

....and last but not least meet our living logo Ina and her "Spotless" puppies 😍.

Ina is our LUA Dalmatian, part of a special international breeding scheme reintroducing a missing gene to the Dalmatian breed to correct a health defect.