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Meet the Spotless team


Founders Martin & Anne Benson.


We do a bit of just about everything from cleaning the floors to finishing wedding dresses and all in between!

We're passionate about customer service, R & D and environmental issues with Net Zero in our sights.


Sharon heads up our finishing team although she can be found in all areas of the laundry, turning her hand to most things as needed.


Sharon is working particularly closely with us on our research and development projects, gathering data and helping navigate our route to Net Zero


Our son Gwydion & daughter-in-law Kirsty. Gwydion is one of our drivers and takes care of logistics. Kirsty helps with admin. and book keeping whilst trying to avoid doing laundry! 

Kevin & Leza. Kevin is our gentle giant driver and everyone loves him. He retired from HGV's and now folds himself into our little electric van - we have no idea how he fits!

Leza does our repairs and ironing / finishing although can turn her hands to most things as needed. She is also Mrs Knitter so if your woollies need repair you won't find better.


Liz (& Charlie). Liz is skilled at alterations as well as ironing and finishing. She keeps trying to retire to spend more time with Charlie but we can't bear to let her go.


Last but not least comes our living logo Ina and her beautiful brood. 

Thanks to Cruella most people know Dalmatians are born Spotless but did you know they also suffer a genetic breed defect? They lack a gene responsible for metabolism of uric acid which can lead to life threatening problems. Ina, a special LUA Dalmatian, is part of the global Back Cross Project, carrying the missing gene to fix this issue and as such she and her babies are helping to improve the health and life of Dallies the world over. 

Joe Denis.jpg

Not strictly members of the Spotless family but we'd like to introduce you. We've teamed up with Kingsman Gentleman Cobblers - Joe & Denis. With 50+ years experience between them these guys are truly skilled traditional cobblers. They can repair just about any footwear you might have including Vibram units. Their skills go well beyond leatherwork repair right through to restoration of antique leather goods. 

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